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[Overview] In 2017, by closely following the work theme of “strengthening the foundation, reaching the standards, improving the quality and enhancing the efficiency” and highlighting the work requirements of “finding gaps, making up for shortcomings and grasping implementation”, Wuxi Railway Station strengthened safety management, transportation operation and standard construction, actively responded to various challenges brought by station reform construction, so as to ensure the continued safety and stability, steadily improved performance and shoulder-to-shoulder progress of all tasks. A total of 20.9 million passengers departed from Wuxi Railway Station throughout the year, increasing by 1.25 million ones than that in the previous year, a year-on-year increase of 6.4%. Wuxi Railway Station completed transportation revenue of 2.282 billion yuan, increasing by 199 million yuan than that in the previous year, a year-on-year increase of 9.6%. It completed other business income of 10.417 million yuan. Wuxi Railway Station loaded 31,734 vehicles and delivered 824,000 tons of goods throughout the year, a year-on-year increase of 8,161 vehicles and 154,000 tons respectively. At the same time, it completed key material transportation and military transportation tasks. No accident happens in Wuxi Railway Station throughout the year. It ensured the safety and stability during key periods such as the Spring Festival Transport, Summer Vacation Transport and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, realizing the sixth safety year without interrupt. It obtained the title of “Five-start Site” of field management in Jiangsu in 2017, becoming the first unit obtaining the honor of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. and railway companies in the country. On November 19, Shanghai Railway Group finished institutional reform and changed its name into China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. Soon afterwards, the name of the Wuxi Station changed from Shanghai Railway Group Wuxi Station into China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. Wuxi Station and was listed again.


[Wuxi East Railway Station Won the Title of "Five-Star Site" in Jiangsu Province] In September, Wuxi East Railway Station won the title of "Five-Star Site" among 70 review sites in the star rating of on-site management in Jiangsu Province. The event was jointly sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Management Association, the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Jiangsu Provincial Association of Science and Technology and the Jiangsu Women's Federation. Wuxi East Railway Station became the first unit winning the honor in China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. and railway companies in the country.


[Opening "CHINA STANDRAD EMU"] On September 21, a new round of map adjustment at Wuxi Railway Station was launched. 305 pairs of trains ran throughout the day at Wuxi Railway Station. Among them, the "CHINA STANDRAD EMU" was officially unveiled.



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