Wuxi and Jiangyin Promote High-quality Development of Education Together
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On the morning of May 20, the Qingyang Town People’s Government of Jiangyin and Wuxi Jinqiao Education Group signed a framework agreement for cooperation in running schools. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi and Secretary of the CPC Jiangyin Municipal Committee, attended the signing ceremony.


Wuxi Jinqiao Education Group is a well-known private education institution in Wuxi. It has been recognized by all walks of life in both the quality of school running and the influence of the education brand. For a long time, Jiangyin has unswervingly given priority to the development of education, attached great importance to the development of the elementary education and strove to run satisfactory education for the people. This time, the cooperation between Qingyang Town, Jiangyin and elite school of Wuxi will better meet the diverse educational needs and promote the development of high-quality education. According to the agreement, Wuxi Jinqiao Education Group will establish Wuxi Qingyang Jinqiao Experimental Kindergarten and Wuxi Qingyang Jinqiao Experimental School (tentative names) in Qingyang Town and assign outstanding principals and key teachers to engage in the schools. By doing so, Wuxi Jinqiao Education Group can not only maintain the brand effect of Jinqiao Education, but also demonstrate distinctive school-running characteristics, thus ensuring a high threshold of running school and striving to turn them into influential, distinctive and international schools in the elementary education stage in Wuxi.


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