Wuxi Issues A Series of Policies on Subsidies
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It was learned from the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security that Wuxi issued a series of supporting policies for college graduates seeking for jobs in Wuxi, including the Detailed Regulations on Applying for Rent Subsidies and Living Subsidies by College Graduates to Wuxi, the Detailed Regulations on Applying for Expenditures Related to Entrepreneurship by College Graduates to Wuxi, the Detailed Regulations on Issuing Subsidies to Outstanding Undergraduates Seeking for Jobs and Conducting Scientific Research in Wuxi and the Detailed Regulations on Traffic and Cultural Tourism Services for College Graduates to Wuxi. College graduates seek for jobs and start business in Wuxi will obtain tangible help. Relevant principal said that Wuxi received extensive attention after releasing the Implementation Regulations on Introducing and Settling College Graduates in Wuxi and issued the policies such as “settling first, employment later” and “direct settling”. As of June 21, 4,403 college graduates successfully submitted settling applications.


  • ·Rent subsidy standards: 10,000 yuan per year for undergraduates (technicians), 15,000 yuan per year for masters, and 20,000 yuan per year for doctors. The effectiveness shall be 2 years.


  • ·Entrepreneurship support provided to college graduates shall include start-up subsidies and rent subsidies, project support and "talent loan" support.


  • ·For college graduate students of other places and college students from Hubei Province who are invited to Wuxi to participate in recruitment and scientific research activities, Wuxi should give them a one-time traffic subsidy of up to 1,500 yuan, a one-time accommodation subsidy of 380 yuan and a one-time meal subsidy of 200 yuan.

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