Foreigners Learning to Make Zongzi to Send Employees Gifts of the Dragon Boat Festival
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Justin, the head of AIE European-English Training Center from the United States, spent the Dragon Boat Festival with employees. He wrote holiday welfare on the paper and made them into zongzi (a traditional Chinese rice-pudding). When the dumplings were cooked and sent to employees, they found the notes while eating zongzi. Everyone was happy. Justin came to Wuxi in 2004. He is fascinated by traditional Chinese culture and has been in Wuxi for 16 years, just like a "Wuxi native". This year, health becomes a key word. Justin also pays attention to health. He said in fluent mandarin that he hoped everyone around was healthy, which was his original intention of giving the Dragon Boat Festival welfare. Before spending the Dragon Boat Festival with his employees, he quietly spent two days learning to make zongzi. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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