First Large-scale Private Football Base in Yanqiao Sub-district Put into Operation
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After three years of construction, the first first large-scale private football base and the first standard outdoor roller skating court in Wuxi, invested by Wuxi Ziteng Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. as private capital, were officially put into operation.


In 2017, Wuxi Ziteng Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the Xizhang Metro Station Management Committee to introduce more than 300 Chinese wistaria of all varieties and plan to build a unique Chinese Wistaria Culture and Sports Park in Wuxi in Xizhang Park. At present,the football base has been put into operation. Many sports and art projects such as "AR Science and Technology Park", dance, roller skating and basketball were also introduced into the park. According to relevant principal, the company will also set up a student aid fund and a support group for families in need to help social welfare undertakings.  


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