Folk unique techniques generate a batch of distinctive industrial clusters
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It was learned from the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security recently that a large number of folk talented craftspeople had become leaders of becoming rich in rural areas in Wuxi. The traditional skills they possess have generated a considerable scale of industrial clusters. According to statistics, at present, Wuxi has had 257 provincial native talented persons and 15 provincial master studios of native talented persons. Wuxi also has had 42 evaluated outstanding native talented persons, among whom 18 ones have set up 17 municipal master studios of native talented people. An outstanding local talent team represented by Fan Zefeng, Wu Qimin, Li Shoucai, Shen Dashu, Zhao Hongyu and Wan Qixing led the transmission and inheritance of traditional skills in urban and rural areas in Wuxi. They have mobilized development of regional distinctive local industries such as Yixing purple sand, Huishan clay figures, Wuxi refined embroidery, Meicun erhu and special fruit cultivation.



In order to help them get out of "small workshops" and lead more folks to become rich, relevant departments of Wuxi issued the Implementation Regulations on Affirming Project Application of Local Talented Persons in Wuxi. The Regulations will award selected "outstanding local talented persons" one-off subsidy of 50,000 yuan and selected “Wuxi local talented persons” and “Wuxi local master studios” subsidy of 1 million yuan in maximum, so as to focus on supporting skillful craftspeople and folk artists with professional skills and unique skills who can be a model and have positive influence.


In order to inherit the unique skills, Wuxi launched activities of letting "local skills enter campus" in all technical colleges in the whole city. The continuous fresh blood will carry forward Wuxi's traditional skills in the new era and form industrial clusters based on the Internet.


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