Wuxi Issues 40 New Measures to Benefit Enterprises and Facilitate People
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A few days ago, Wuxi issued the second batch of 40 municipal-level government affairs service measures to facilitate people and benefit enterprises and further deepen the reform of "simplifying administration, combining decentralization with management and optimizing services". These small changes will inject stronger power in optimizing the soft power of business environment in Wuxi.


Relevant official from the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval said that the first batch of 40 measures was issued in May, 2019. Although many measures were reformed slightly, they were very affordable and popular among enterprises and the masses. In 2020, Wuxi determined to build the business environment brand of "providing thoughtful services to solve all difficulties". And 40 new measures were further deepened and refined on the basis of those issued last year.  


The 40 measures mainly cover three aspects such as online transaction in the whole process, speeding up transaction time and reducing costs and helping to fight against COVID-19. Among them, there are 15 measures for online transaction in the whole process to guarantee "remote service processing" of enterprises and the masses. 19 measures involve speeding up transaction time and reducing costs. Measures of helping to fight against COVID-19 are mainly aimed at the special situation of COVID-19 pandemic this year, including environmental assessment procedures for construction projects badly in need of exemption of pandemic prevention.


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