Mr. Huang Qin Inspects Pandemic Prevention and Control at Railway Station, Market and Community
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On the morning of June 16, Huang Qin, Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, went to railway station, market, community and other places to inspect work on COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control and visit workers in the frontline. Zhou Changqing, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, participated in the inspection.

A large transportation hub is the first gateway for preventing imported cases from abroad. At present, Wuxi Railway Station has 80,000 floating passengers every day, nearly 30,000 passengers among which left the Central Station of Wuxi Railway Station. Mr. Huang Qin went to exit inspection point, transshipment point and other places of the Central Station. He said that all regions, departments and enterprises should implement respective responsibilities and form a strong joint force for defending the line of defense. The disease control department should give full play to its professional ability, strengthen guidance services and ensure safe and orderly operation of the transportation hub. At the same time, he urged relevant parties to implement protective measures, schedule in a scientific way and care for frontline staffs.


Tianpeng Seafood Market is a relatively large-scale fresh seafood trading area in the circle of Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou. In accordance with the requirements of pandemic prevention and control, the local government and market manager have conducted strict tests on staffs, products and environment of the market. So far, all tests have showed negative results, allowing residents to buy seafood in security. Mr. Huang Qin also inspected daily operation, safety and sanitation of meat and cooked food stalls and shops in the market. He required that relevant departments and market entities should strengthen inspection and quarantine on food, especially overseas imported food, strengthen inspections on food transportation, especially cold chain transportation, to prevent imported risks and ensure that market supply was sufficient, safe and traceable with stable prices on the one hand. On the other hand, he required that relevant departments and market entities should well implement preventive measures such as taking temperature, scanning code and wearing masks, so as to avoid concentrated cross-infection.


While visiting community, he emphasized that all communities must be responsible for guarding their gates, implement various management and control measures in strict accordance with the regulations on various key objects and continue to adhere to experienced practice of "big data + community-based grid + iron feet (household-to-household visit)", so as to breaking the bottleneck normalized pandemic prevention and control. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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