Major Project Observation Meeting of the 10th Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee
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As an important part of the 10th Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Huang Qin, Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, led related leaders of Wuxi and main principals of related municipal and county departments to enter various areas in Wuxi to review the new achievements of thriving the city with industries and experience the new vigor of economic development on the spot a few days ago. Du Xiaogang, Mayor of Wuxi, Xu Yiping, Director of the Standing Committee of the Wuxi Municipal People's Congress, Zhou Minwei, Chairman of the the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Xu Jie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, and other leaders attended the event.


It was required to arrange observation event on major projects every quarter to further thrive the city with industries in Wuxi in recent years. Participants went to workshops and construction sites to observe and appraise more than 20 major projects. Through settlement of projects, building of factories and accelerated transformation of achievements, Wuxi is showing the new "speed and passion" of thriving the city with industries to us.


During the event, Mr. Huang Qin was most concerned about the difficulties faced by enterprises in project construction and production and operation. He took the initiative to solicit opinions and suggestions on government services from enterprises. For projects under construction, he urged local departments to take the initiative to connect with project leaders, strengthen coordination and reinforce guarantee and accelerate project construction under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, so as to strive to construct, reach design capacity and take effect early. For projects that have been completed and went into operation, he required governments at all levels and relevant functional departments to strengthen follow-up services, help enterprises solve problems in a timely manner and polish up the government service brand of "providing thoughtful services to solve all difficulties". All departments in all areas must vigorously cultivate new economy, new engine and new tax sources, accelerate building a group of superior key enterprises and leading enterprises, coordinate to grasp old and new strong industrial chain projects, further increase innovation, gather elements of innovation and optimize the environment for innovation, and actively build an independent and controllable modern industrial system and industrial technological innovation system, so as to strive to take the lead in the way of high-quality economic development. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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