Increasing the number of “Chengquan E Station” to 200 before The End of 2020
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In May, 2020, the first government affairs service integrated machine - "Chengquan E Station" was set up. It integrates a total of 317 services of many departments in one machine. At the same time, it realizes 24/7 service coverage of self-help areas in government affairs service centers and service centers for the people of all cities, districts and towns (sub-districts). The original intention of self-help government affairs services is facilitating the people. What is the actual effect of application? What is the public's manner of acceptance? What changes will occur in the future?



Citizens who have used this integrated machine are satisfied about it. At present, among the 317 existing service items of "Chengquan E Station", the most used items are convenience services such as social security query, social credit certificate query and water, electricity and gas fee payment. Before long, real estate inquiry and bus card recharge will also be launched. "The integrated machine is for the convenience of citizens to do everything on one machine without rushing for different places." Tang Yongsong, Head of the Department of Information Technology of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Examination and Approval, said that in the future, more functions of various functional departments will be integrated into this machine as far as possible. By the end of 2020, the "Chengquan E Station" will have the ability to handle 500 service items and be increased to 200. The locations will be adjusted according to the needs of residents. At present, there are 34 such machines. Apart from handy services for the public, administrative approval departments at all levels are also working on optimizing and simplifying the approval processes, so that more examination and approval services can be handled on the machine.


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