Projects of Hub Economy of Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone Signed
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On July 3, a signing ceremony of projects of hub economy was held in Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone in Shuofang Sub-district. Jiang Min, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Wuxi National High-tech Zone and Secretary of CPC Wuxi New District Committee, attended the event.


The 31 projects signed cover seven major fields, namely hub economy, digital economy, headquarters economy, strategic emerging industry, industrial complex, scientific and technological innovation cooperation and industrial fund. The 31 projects with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan have large investment volume, good quality and efficiency, full innovation and strong driving ability. There are both aviation and new materials projects with high scientific and technological content and high development potential and cross-border and enterprise-university-research institute cooperation projects with strong agglomeration capability and wide range. They all fit well with the development positioning of the Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone to work on "hub economy". After all the projects are completed and reach design capacity, the annual sales is expected to be 23.95 billion yuan, with a tax revenue of 1.288 billion yuan.


The signing of these projects will effectively increase the industrial scale of the hub economy in Xinwu District, strengthen the industrial chain of the airport economy and make new contributions to helping Xinwu District become the "all-round champion" of high-quality economic and social development in the whole city.


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