Wuxi Public Data Open Platform Launched
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On July 29, the Wuxi Public Data Open Platform (data.wuxi.gov.cn), covering 22 categories and 9 application scenarios and involving common information such as corporate registration, urban parts, social credit and geographic culture, was launched. It is open to citizens for free.


The opening of big data will bring good social and economic benefits. It will facilitate the public to understand the government and break through information barriers among departments and release the value of data, so as to further improve social governance and public service levels. An official from the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Big Data Management said that opening data of the platform can increase the number of data sets, provide services for professionals and enhance the value of data utilization. As the data is further used, the emerging industry will be mobilized to form economic benefits in new economic growth points. The Wuxi Public Data Open Platform currently has had more than 1,500 open data sets and 1,299 data service interfaces with approximately 23.24 million structured data, involving 55 municipal departments and 8 regional sectors.


Previously, through the active opening and utilization of public data, Wuxi has formed a benign digital economic environment. Since the beginning of 2020, CETHIK Wuxi IoT Industrial Base, Longshine Technology Industrial Park, Zhongwuda Big Data Industrial Park, Inspur Big Data Industrial Park and Airport Big Data Industrial Park have successively started construction. Up to the first quarter in 2020, Wuxi has had 1,156 enterprises above designated size in the key digital economic industry, achieving operating income of 97.4 billion yuan. In addition, the super APP "Ling Xi" centering on handy services for the people and citizen experience and integrating and sharing high-quality government affairs data of Wuxi was launched in May, 2020. It has contained 9 application scenarios and 209 service items, with 470,000 registered users and 180,000 users passing real-name authentication.


Relevant official of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Big Data Management said that based on the public data open platform launched on July 29, Wuxi will continue to establish and improve the long-term mechanism of opening of public data, continuously enrich the opening scope of public data, improve the quality of the data and ensure the timeliness, accuracy and availability of opening of public data. At the same time, Wuxi will do a good job in the integration of government affairs data and social data to fully explore the value of data.


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