Colorful Ground Stickers Show The Way
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Since July 29, passengers to Sanyang Plaza Station (the direction to Wuxi East Railway Station) have found that a corresponding rainbow guide in front of each train door, with different colors showing different directions. It was learned from Wuxi Metro Group that the new navigation sign system of Wuxi’s subway had been updated. The colorful ground stickers with a total length of nearly 180 meters at Sanyang Plaza Station guide the two-way transfer platforms and exits of Wuxi Metro Line 1 and Wuxi Metro Line 2 respectively from the train door. As long as following the colorful "navigation", passengers can not go to the wrong platform.


After Wuxi Metro Line 3 and Wuxi Metro Line 4 are opened in the future, there will be more subway transfer stations. And ground stickers with more colors will serve as the distinctive guide signs of Wuxi Metro, facilitating passengers to travel. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)  



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