IoT Job Fair for Specific Job Seekers
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A few days ago, the "2020 Wuxi Special Job Fair for IoT Industry " was held in the recruitment hall of the Wuxi Human Resources Market.


Providing specific job seekers for employers was major feature of the job fair One of the major features of the job fair is matching the employers with the specific employees they need precisely. Relevant person in charge of the Wuxi Human Resources Market said that in order to ensure the quality of participators participating companies, they specifically invited 50 IoT companies in Wuxi and related famous enterprises, such as Wuxi Ganzhi Jinfu IoT Technology Co., Ltd. and CCTV International Network Wuxi Co., Ltd. A total of 1,566 posts such as hardware engineer, software engineer, data analysis engineer, test engineer, project engineer, R&D engineer, electrical engineer, technical support engineer and system integration engineer were provided on site. Among them, 99 integrated circuit designers, 85 software engineers and 84 R&D engineers were required, becoming top three most popular posts. According to related data, technical talented persons in software, design and R&D in the Internet of Things industry is are still in great demand. Enterprises such as CETHIK, CETC and Hodo Group have provided a number of posts to vigorously recruit various R&D and design engineers. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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