Washing off Mud and Picking up Garbage to Keep Water Flowing
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The picture, taken on July 15, shows Party member volunteers from Huangxiang Sub-district building temporary dam with earthbags in a low-lying residential area in the Qiancun Community, so as to protect the residential area from waterlogging.


On July 15, the urban management system in the whole city quickly launched a flood control emergency plan, implemented a 24/7 duty system, arranged specially-assigned persons to answer complaint calls in a timely manner and organized workers to carry out road inspections.


On roads easily suffered from waterlogging such as Yinxiu Road, Zhongnan West Road and Yugang Road in Binhu District, the mobile pump trucks and pipeline dredging trucks of the municipal maintenance office of the Binhu District Bureau of Urban Management have been “on duty” for several days for emergency operations at any time. The head of the Municipal Affairs Department of the Binhu District Bureau of Urban Management said that during the inspection, members of the urban management team promptly cleaned up leaves and garbage blocking in the wellheads of collection wells, so that the pipelines kept water flowing.


At about 13:00, the heavy rain turned to light rain. Liangxi District, Binhu District, Xishan District and other districts arranged environmental sanitation companies to dispatch sanitation vehicles to wash off mud on roads after the rain, and arrange the cleaning staff to pick up plastic bags, napkins, outer packing and other white garbage in time, so as to prevent them from affecting the drainage speed of collection wells and drainage pipes. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)  


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