Roadshow of A Number of International Entrepreneurial Projects in Wuxi
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On June 29, "Innovation China" (Wuxi) Roadshow was launched in Wuxi, presenting a number of entrepreneurial projects from the United States and Japan online.


1 project from the United States and 6 from Japan participated in the roadshow. "Innovation China" is a new business initiative for China Association for Science and Technology to assist in economic and social development in high quality. As one of the first batches of pilot cities of "Innovation China" of China Association for Science and Technology, Wuxi is considering to introduce the development scheme of pilot cities of "Innovation China". In accordance with the responsibility of gathering scientific and technological power for local economic and social development, Wuxi is gathering superior resources and power of associations for science and technology, deepening international exchanges and cooperation, building an innovation ecosystem harmoniously shared and together improved by various innovative subjects in Wuxi and making a “model site” demonstrating sci-tech and economic integration with Wuxi characteristics by focusing on 16 key industrial clusters of the advanced manufacturing industry.


This time, with the support of China Centre For International Science and Technology Exchange, Wuxi, China Technology Exchange and Beijing Exchange Center of Science and Technology jointly carried out a roadshow of Japan-USA artificial intelligence project. According to the organizer, Wuxi will continue to follow up the project and provide the best service for innovation and entrepreneurship.


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