Buses Assisted by Wuxi to Aheqi Put into Use
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In the first half of 2020, Wuxi assisted the front work team in Aheqi County to overcome the impact of COVID-19, actively raised funds and mobilized all kinds of resources to solve the problems of insufficient public transport capacity and difficulties in public transportation in Aheqi County in the shortest time. Recently, these new energy buses were officially put into use, becoming a beautiful landscape in Aheqi County (as shown in the picture).


Since Aheqi County started the border poverty alleviation pilot project in 2007, the front work team of Wuxi assisting Aheqi County has firmly grasped key tasks such as poverty alleviation, education and employment, and brought tremendous changes to urban and rural areas in Aheqi County. This year, Wuxi implemented 11 projects of assisting Xinjiang in Aheqi County, with planned investment of more than 50 million yuan. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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