Mr. Wu Zhenglong Inspects and Directs in Forefront of Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief in Taihu Lake
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Affected by the continuous heavy rainfall since the Mei-yu Period, the water level of Taihu Lake rose to 4.65 meters at 7 o'clock on July 17, which was at the water level with safety guarantee. Excessive flood has occurred in the Taihu Lake Basin. The water level is expected to continue to rise, so Taihu Flood Prevention Headquarters promoted the response to flood prevention and emergency rescue to level I. On the same day, Wu Zhenglong, Governor of Jiangsu and Commander-in-chief of Taihu Flood Prevention Headquarters, went to the forefront of flood prevention and disaster relief in Yixing and visited and comforted the flood prevention personnel fighting in the forefront.


During the inspection, Mr. Wu Zhenglong emphasized that at present, flood prevention of Taihu Lake has entered the most strenuous and critical wartime state. It is necessary to firmly implement a series of important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on flood prevention and disaster relief and earnestly implement the decisions and arrangement of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Departments at all levels must uphold the idea of people first and life first, take the responsibilities to defend the country as far as possible and implement various work in detail and in place. It is necessary to guarantee implementation of responsibilities, intensive collaboration of governments in all regions of the Taihu Lake Basin, correct prediction and early-warning, application of water conservancy project, in-place defense of dyke patrolling, in-place material reserve and personnel allocation, correct disposal of disaster relief, people resettlement to avoid risks and full preparation of production restoration after disaster, so as to safeguard life and property security of the people. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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