Brand New Old Bridge in The Community
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Lan Bridge in the Jinhewan Community in Tongjiang Sub-district, built in 2007, was rebuilt from the old bridge in the former Wuxi Bleaching and Dyeing Factory. As the only way to Tongqin Road and an old bridge carrying the historical memory of Wuxi people, it connects the north and south areas of the Jinhewan Homeland Community. Due to long years out of repair, the bridge is variegated with many places severely corroded and expansion joints broken. Despite repeated prohibitions, many cars parked on the bridge at night, which not only affected the environment, but also increased the difficulty for the community to promote urban precision management. Recently, the community owners’ committee raised the owners’ public income funds to entrust thce property management company to take charge of and follow up the repair work, including comprehensively repairing and strengthening the entire bridge, removing rust and painting and installing bridge isolation fences, height limit sticks and bridge landscape lights. After the repair, Lan Bridge has a brand new look. The traffic on the bridge is orderly, ensuring safe and convenient travel of the residents. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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