Nanshan IoV Town Successfully Shortlisted in The 3rd Batch of Provincial-level Distinctive Towns
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Recently, the promotion meeting for the 7th Jiangsu Distinctive Town Construction was held. The list of the third batch of 16 provincial-level distinctive towns was announced at the meeting. As a distinctive town of the new generation of information technology, the Nanshan IoV Town in Xishan District was successfully shortlisted.


In order to play a leading role among the IoV Demonstration Zones granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Nanshan IoV Town built the National Demonstration Zone Internet of Vehicles Exhibition Hall and Bosch Intelligent Internet Exhibition Hall with a land area of 20 mu (1 mu = 0.0667 hectares) and a total investment of 162 million yuan. The two exhibition halls will officially open on October 15. At the same time, the Nanshan IoV Town has gradually formed a black technology experimental area around it. Through the demonstration of unmanned driving technology in application scenarios, residents can experience the convenience brought by "vehicle-road coordination". In the future, residents can call nearby unmanned vending vehicles through a mobile app to buy drinks by scanning the QR code and see unmanned sweepers shuttling back and forth from time to time in Jiulihe Wetland Park.


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