Wuxi Holds High-end Talent Job Fair
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The 2020 "Xi Wang Nin Lai" Wuxi High-end Talent Job Fair hosted by the Organization Department of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security was held on September 12. The organizers specifically invited 80 key enterprises in Wuxi to attend the job fair. They brought nearly 1,600 mid-to-high-end technical and management positions with an annual salary of over 120,000 yuan for various talented people. 1,955 high-end talented people went to the job fair. Among them, 38% were high-level talented person with education background above master degree or professional title above deputy senior. 468 talented people reached preliminary intentions with the companies on the spot.


This high-end talent job fair attracted 80 key enterprises in the new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing and modern service industry such as Hua Hong Semiconductor (Wuxi) Limited., CKS, Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Hodo Group and Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Group. Among them, there were 31 listed companies, accounting for 38.75%.


This high-end talent job fair introduced online live broadcast for the first time. Live broadcast activities of famous enterprises were held at the same time to carefully plan recruitment promotion for famous enterprises and accurately recommend high-quality positions of famous enterprises to job seekers. In the live broadcast rooms, persons in charge of human resources of five famous enterprises such as LongShine Technology Group Co., Ltd., Weifu High Technology Group Co., Ltd. and WuXi Paike New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. acted as anchors, publicized enterprise culture, job requirements, benefits, promotion prospects and other aspects, and had real-time exchanges with high-end talents online. At the same time, relying on the Wuxi Human Resources Recruitment Network and WeChat platform, the high-end talents watching live broadcast could deliver resumes through the QR code. According to the data, the live broadcast of famous enterprises provided a total of 82 high-end positions, attracting 120,000 people to watch online.


This high-end talent job fair further strengthened intelligent services, effectively integrated online and offline supply and demand resources, and carried out online and offline recruitment for the first time, building a new mode of "online + offline" integrated recruitment service, further broadening the coverage of talent recruitment and more effectively attracted outstanding young talents and high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents to work in Wuxi. The job fair also produced an electronic conference journal for the first time and connected it with the online recruitment platform. As long as job seekers log in to the WeChat applet of high-end talent job fair, they can query the company booth, company profile and recruitment information and submit resumes online, which greatly enhanced the senses of acquisition and experience of job seekers.


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