Three Exhibitions of The Second Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo Launched
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The "Canal City Cultural and Tourism Quality Exhibition", the "Cultural Creative Exhibition" and the "Food Culture Exhibition" - important parts of the Second Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo, were officially launched on September 4. On the morning of September 4, Ma Xin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu, Qiuquan Sheng, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and Zhang Weiguo, Chairman of the Jiangsu Tourism Association, enthusiastically visited the exhibition in the Taihu International Expo Center. Huang Qin, Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Xu Guanghui, Deputy Secretary General of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, Xu Ning, Deputy Director of the Department of Publicity of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Yang Zhichun, Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Shui Jiayue, Secretary of the Leading Party Group of the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Du Xiaogang, Mayor of Wuxi, Zhou Qi, Director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture and Health of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congres, leaders of Wuxi Mr. Yuan Fei, Mr. Lu Zhijian and Mr. Zhou Changqing, and Zhang Lijun, Secretary General of the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, visited together.


Through "exhibition + interaction + cultural and tourism performances", the Canal City Cultural and Tourism Quality Exhibition fully showed the culture and beauty of the Grand Canal. Mr. Ma Xin communicated with field staff in front of exhibition areas of cities along the Grand Canal in China and exhibition areas of the cities and districts in Jiangsu Province. In the Jiangsu Preface Hall, Mr. Ma Xin stood in front of the large electronic screen to learn about the functional layout and operation of the "Jiangsu Smart Cultural Tourism Platform" in detail. After knowing that the platform covers many application functions of smart services, industry supervision and data analysis, he urged to further improve the functions and exert effects to inject new momentum into the development of the cultural tourism industry in the whole province in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development of culture and tourism. He also encouraged everyone to strengthen cooperation and exchange, accelerate the integration of resources, build high-quality tourist routes together and jointly make the cultural and tourism brand of Grand Canal together while seeing various high-quality cultural and tourism resources and routes designed by all districts in the district and city exhibition halls and tourism e-commerce special areas in Jiangsu Province.


Mr. Ma Xin paid special attention to the exhibition in Wuxi, the main venue of the Second Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo. At the booth of Wuxi Phoenix Painting Materials, he praised the enterprise for using the new generation of information technology to extend artworks and encouraged the enterprise to stick to original aspiration, be the pioneer, adhere to the way of integrating culture and Internet of things and explore a new way for a cultural enterprise to become better and stronger. In the Wuxi Intangible Cultural Heritage Cultural and Creative Museum, Mr. Ma Xin stopped to appreciate Wuxi opera, watch the purple sand master to make a pot on site and earnestly understand the development of Wuxi’s intangible cultural heritage cultural and creative industry. He required to comply with the cultural needs of contemporary people, reshape and express traditional culture with current technologies and efficiently integrate resources to establish a cross-border cooperation model, so as to better promote the inheritance and development of the intangible cultural heritages. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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