Digital Cloud Exhibition Platform of the 2020 WIOT Launched
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A few days ago, the "Digital Cloud Exhibition" platform of the 2020 World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT) was launched to focus on the “IoT Cloud Exhibition” and provide services such as product release, networking and exchange, consultation and business cooperation. Four offline thematic exhibition halls were also opened to the public.


The "IoT Cloud Exhibition" is divided into 4 parts of the IoT 3D virtual exhibition, the IoT key enterprise exhibition, the exhibition of IoT excellent cases in Jiangsu Province and the IoT cluster technology and application exhibition. Among them, the IoT 3D virtual exhibition built an exhibition area through 720° panoramic rendering, which truly restored the 4 offline thematic halls. Visitors can click on the booth to conduct interaction and view products and companies they are interested in. The IoT key enterprise exhibition brings together more than 100 key enterprises in the IoT industry and focused on displaying the most sophisticated technology applications and optimal solutions in the IoT industry at present. The exhibition of IoT excellent cases in Jiangsu Province organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology focused on displaying key IoT products and outstanding application cases of enterprises across the province. The IoT cluster technology and application exhibition is one of the important modules of the IoT cluster integrated service platform. It mainly exhibited the members of the IoT cluster and excellent products related to the Internet of Things at home and abroad.


Up to now, more than 1,000 well-known domestic and foreign companies and organizations including Huawei, ZTE, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Bosch.IO, AstraZeneca, Hocoma and Haier have participated in the exhibition, among which over 100 are key IoT enterprises. In addition to the "IoT Cloud Exhibition", the Cloud Platform of the 2020 WIOT will also launch the "IoT Cloud Live Broadcast", including 5 sessions of IoT Cloud Meeting Room·Enterprise Interview Special Programs, 2 overseas industry chain networking and exchange meetings, more than 40 IoT product news conferences and more than 10 summit forums.


The IoT Cloud Exhibition of the 2020 WIOT has officially opened on September 25. The offline thematic halls will be open to the public every week from September to October. Visitors can watch the online exhibitions or order offline thematic exhibitions through the official website of the 2020 WIOT or the applet.


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