Domestic and Foreign Media Focus on Wuxi’s Achievements in Building an All-round Well-off Society at a High Level
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From September 24 to September 25, the "2020Hi Jiangsu Interview by Foreign Media - Viewing a Well-off Society in Beautiful Jiangsu" jointly organized by the Press Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and China Daily Newspaper Office came to Wuxi. Over 40 domestic and foreign journalists and international communication scholars from South Korea, the UAE, Portugal, Turkey and other countries inspected and interviewed in Wuxi. The interview team entered enterprise, industrial park and towns to deeply understand the achievements in the construction and development of a well-off society of Wuxi and reported them with texts, pictures, audios and videos.


How to report the Wuxi trip of the event of viewing a well-off society in beautiful Jiangsu? The words of Elena, a reporter from China-Arab TV, were very representative. She said that the developments of industry, agriculture and service industry in Wuxi have incorporated scientific and technological innovation, providing power for building an all-round well-off society at a high level. She would share Wuxi’s experience in building a well-off society to relevant countries and regions for reference, so as to benefit more people in economic development.


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