Acceptance Inspection of The First IoT Industry Measurement and Testing Center in China
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Recently, the “National IoT Sensors Industry Measurement and Testing Center” passed the acceptance inspection in Wuxi, becoming the first IoT industry measurement and testing center in China. Jiang Min, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, attended the acceptance meeting.


The “National IoT Sensors Industry Measurement and Testing Center” was prepared and constructed by Wuxi Measurement and Testing Institute of the Wuxi Market Supervision Administration. As the first professional sensor product measurement and testing organization in China, the Center is taking the lead in measurement and testing of key components of the Internet of Things such as inertial sensors and dynamic pressure characteristics in China.


Ms. Jiang Min said that as a highland of the IoT industry in China, Wuxi has obvious advantages in policy, resource, brand and infrastructure. The smart sensor industry cluster has become the first batch of innovative industry clusters in the whole country. After the acceptance inspection, the “National IoT Sensors Industry Measurement and Testing Center” will play a positive role in promoting the development of the IoT industry.


The Center will further play the supporting and leading role of the industrial center technology in accordance with the construction requirements of "full traceability chain, full industrial chain, full life cycle and foresight".


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