2020 IoT Cryptography Application Summit Held in Wuxi
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As an event of the World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT), the 2020 IoT Cryptography Application Summit was held in Wuxi a few days ago. A number of the latest technologies and application results were released at the summit. Liu Biquan, Vice Mayor of Wuxi and Director of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Public Security, attended the meeting.


Themed on "Implementing Cryptography Law and Focusing on New Infrastructure" and focusing on IoT application fields such as aerospace, smart city, industrial Internet and pandemic prevention and control, this summit released a number of latest technologies and application results of integrated development of IoT and cryptography application. Many experts and scholars from universities, scientific research institutes and well-known companies discussed about cutting-edge technologies, development trends and hot issues of cryptography.


It was the third time for the summit to be held in Wuxi, which fully demonstrated the gratifying development and good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship of the IoT cryptography industry in Wuxi. In 2019, Wuxi researched and formulated an implementation plan for cryptography application and innovation development, made strategic arrangements and refined implementation paths in related fields. At present, Wuxi has developed more than 20 cryptographic research and manufacturing enterprises.


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