The 2nd Plant of Murata Electronics Put into Operation
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On October 19, the second plant of Wuxi Murata Electronics Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation. Then, the Japanese-funded enterprise, with a history of 25 years in Wuxi, will further develop towards the goal of achieving annual marketing revenue of 10 billion yuan.



Wuxi Murata Electronics Co., Ltd. is the largest production base of Murata in China. Founded in Wuxi National High-tech District in 1994, it was officially put into operation in 1995. Over the past 25 years, Murata Electronics has continued to grow and expand. Originally, its investment volume was 30 million US dollars, with 64 employees. Nowadays, its investment volume has increased to 650 million US dollars, with nearly 10,000 employees. Its annual output also increased to 8.5 billion yuan from 6 million yuan. As its products upgrade continually, Murata Electronics has become a global industry leader in electronic products such as ceramic capacitors, filters and high-frequency parts. From January to August this year, it achieved industrial output of over 5 billion yuan, industrial sales of 5.2 billion yuan and total import and export of 760 million US dollars. The second plant of Wuxi Murata Electronics Co., Ltd. started construction in November, 2018, with another total investment of over 600 million US dollars and covered area of 118,000 square meters. The construction area of the first phase of the project was about 130,000 square meters. And its main plant was completed in June this year. After the whole project was put into production, it will produce 80 billion multiplayer ceramic chip capacitors per month and increase annual sales of about 4 billion yuan.


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