“Traceability System for Imported Frozen Food” Launched in Ling Xi
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Recently, the first declaration and traceability system for imported frozen food in Jiangsu Province was launched in Ling Xi, the city APP of Wuxi.


After the centralized solution on the supervision of frozen food was determined on the evening of November 13, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision and the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Big Data started the construction of a traceability system for imported frozen food immediately. In less than 48 hours, the declaration and traceability system for imported frozen food of Wuxi was officially launched. And the Certificate of Load-out of the first batch of imported frozen food was issued within 12 hours after inspection in the centralized supervision warehouse.


The traceability system for imported frozen food can be operated online at the mobile Ling Xi APP. By introducing facial recognition and real name authentication, it can quickly recognize personal information in an accurate way. The system has realized the traceability of the whole process and included all information of purchasing, freight direction and distribution of imported frozen food in the whole city including that of centralized supervision warehouses, supermarkets, hotels and distributors. It provided a whole process of information chain for supervision departments to resolve the dissemination risk of COVID-19 of imported frozen food with intelligent means. In addition, an inquiry portal will be opened to enable citizens to inquire about various links of the imported frozen food purchased after accessing to the market in real time, so that the citizens can buy frozen food safely and confidently.


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