Haidong Poverty Alleviation Agricultural Product Flagship Store Opens in Wuxi
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A few days ago, Qinghai Haidong (Minhe) Poverty Alleviation Agricultural Product Wuxi Flagship Store officially opened. More than 50 agricultural products from Haidong such as yak meat, yellow beef, red potatoes in plateau and Qinghai yogurt were put on sale in Wuxi. This was the first agricultural products flagship store aiming at poverty alleviation opened by Haidong in the Yangtze River Delta region. It will become the distribution center of Haidong agricultural products in the Yangtze River Delta.


Haidong has sufficient sunshine and large temperature difference between morning and evening, which is suitable for the development of plateau agriculture. According to Zhang Yuejian, a cadre of Qinghai dispatched from Wuxi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Minhe County Committee and Deputy County Chief of Minhe County, the marketing of local product is the key to solve the last-mile problem for poverty alleviation by developing industries. To improve the capacity of marketing is to bring more energy to poverty alleviation by developing industries. Minhe County built an E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park last year to actively guide agricultural product e-commerce companies to purchase agricultural products from poor households. It also vigorously developed order-agriculture in Haidong based on the market demands. Farmers can reasonably determine the production area of the whole year and produce as required. Enterprises are responsible for formulating production specifications, inspections and selling. Therefore, the agriculture in Minhe County was revitalized.


The flagship store conducts businesses both online and offline. Owing to east-west collaboration and Wuxi's advantageous geographical location, a new distribution path has been opened. It transports products to the cold store of the flagship store through highway before distributing to all areas in the Yangtze River Delta.


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