Senior Leaders of China State Construction Visit Wuxi
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Recently, senior leaders of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (hereinafter “China State Construction”) visited Wuxi for inspection. Huang Qin, Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, met with the delegation led by Zhou Naixiang, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Chairman of China State Construction, and Zheng Xuexuan, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group and General Manager of China State Construction. The two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation and expanding the scope of cooperation. Leaders of Wuxi Mr. Zhu Aixun, Mr. Lu Zhijian and Mr. Zhang Mingkang attended the meeting.


Mr. Huang Qin thanked China State Construction for its long-term care and support for Wuxi's economic and social development, and briefly introduced relevant situations in Wuxi. He said that China State Construction is the only state-owned key enterprise directly supervised by the State Council in the construction industry in China. In recent years, it has insisted on taking Wuxi as an important strategic market and invested in 8 projects in Wuxi, with a total investment of about 20 billion yuan. Especially in July, 2020, the two sides signed a cooperation framework agreement to start strategic cooperation. He hoped that the two sides could jointly promote the implementation of "projects", arrange a number of pilot cooperation projects and promote early implementation of the agreement by focusing on fields such as infrastructure, public utility projects, water conservancy and water management projects according to the framework agreement after the meeting. He hoped that the two sides could build a "market-oriented" mechanism, establish flexible and applicable market-oriented cooperation mechanisms such as PPP and general contracting services according to different types and set up a multilayer integration mechanism to ensure smooth promotion of the projects. He also hoped that both sides could expand "diversified" cooperation and plan more major projects and industrial projects of the new economy by centering on the key tasks proposed by the State Council, so as to build a new model of cooperation between the State Council and local governments. Wuxi will provide first-rate and thoughtful administrative services and the best business environment for China State Construction to develop in Wuxi.


China State Construction is the largest investment and construction group in the world with the longest professional development in China, the earliest market-oriented operation and the highest degree of integration. In recent years, 23 operating institutions have settled in Wuxi and successively invested and built a number of public utility projects such as the Jiangyin "1310" project of urban and rural construction and the black and smelly water improvement PPP project in the urban area in Jiangyin. They also undertaken a number of major projects such as Nianhuawan Town and the Jiangyin Campus of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, presenting a good development trend. Next, the two sides will deepen cooperation in major infrastructure, new-type urbanization, cultural tourism, water conservancy, people's livelihood and other fields to achieve new cooperation results.


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