Entrepreneur Symposium Held on "Wuxi Entrepreneurs’ Day"
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November 1 was the first "Wuxi Entrepreneurs’ Day". Wuxi held an entrepreneur symposium themed on "Carrying forward entrepreneurship and focusing on high-quality development" to deeply study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches at the symposium of private enterprises and the symposium of entrepreneurs and take the initiative to ask about the demands and plans of enterprises, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the economic society by government and enterprises together. Huang Qin, Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and encouraged the entrepreneurs in the whole city to carry forward the entrepreneurship and the spirit of Wuxi merchants in the new era. He hoped that the entrepreneurs in Wuxi could promote modernization, make greater contributions to building a new Wuxi with strong economy, rich citizens, beautiful environment and high-degree of civility and jointly build a first-rate modern and international industrial and commercial city in China. Leaders of Wuxi Mr. Xu Yiping, Mr. Zhou Minwei, Mr. Chen Derong, Mr. Lu Zhijian and Ms. Gao Yaguang attended the symposium. Xu Jie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, presided over the symposium.


Mr. Huang Qin thanked the entrepreneurs for their positive contributions to Wuxi's economic and social development. He said that the establishment of the "Wuxi Entrepreneurs’ Day" not only met the demand of entrepreneurs, but also reflected the respect of the party committee and the government to them. It not only provided good opportunities for entrepreneurs to further exchange, but also built a good platform for sincere exchanges between government and enterprises. Since the beginning of 2020, in spite of the influence of COVID-19, everyone in the whole city has adhered to follow the guidance of the Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and been united as one to achieve the goals of succeeding in pandemic prevention and control and economic and social development. As a result, the overall economic growth rate continues to rise, the economic structure continues to be optimized, the development momentum continues to be innovative, and the benefit continues to be improved. In this process, especially during the fight against the pandemic, various market entities actively responded to the party committee and the government's call to actively donate money and participate in pandemic prevention and control. They took the initiative to change the line of production, restart production in an orderly manner, accelerate full production and increase production, which played an important role and made important contributions to the work of stabilizing the six fronts (employment, finance, foreign trade, inbound investment, domestic investment and market expectations) and guaranteeing the six priorities (jobs, daily living needs, food and energy, industrial and supply chains, the interests of market players, and the smooth functioning of primary level government).


Mr. Huang Qin said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping had attached great importance to and cared deeply about entrepreneurs and gave a series of important speeches and instructions. At present, we have entered a new stage of development in an all-round way. We are thoroughly implementing the new development concept and accelerating the construction of a new development pattern. He hoped that entrepreneurs could vigorously carry forward the entrepreneurship, strive to become vigorous, powerful and aspirant Wuxi merchants and make greater contributions to helping Wuxi bravely be the pioneer of technological and industrial innovation in China.


At the meeting, the Wuxi Government Affairs Service Huiqitong was officially launched to integrate government affairs services and social professional services by centering on policy service, so as to provide enterprises with intelligent and convenient "one-stop" online services and precisely implement policy services of benefiting enterprises. Persons in charge of the Wuxi Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Wuxi Entrepreneurs’ Association, Taiji Industry and Heilan Group made speeches. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)  


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