Wuxi National High-tech District Focuses on Building A Biomedical Industry Chain Base
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A few days ago, the ADC drug R&D and production CDMO platform and the innovation center projects of WuXi Biologics with a planned total investment of 3 billion yuan were signed and settled in the Comprehensive Bonded Area in Wuxi National High-tech District. The projects will help Wuxi National High-tech District accelerate the construction of a 100-billion-level biomedical industry, and drive the agglomeration development of the biomedical industry in Wuxi through the driving capacity and demonstration effect of WuXi Biologics, the leading enterprise.


The ADC drug R&D and production CDMO platform, with a planned total investment of about 2 billion yuan, is mainly engaged in drug R&D and commercial production. It will take advantage of the R&D policies of the Comprehensive Bonded Area to improve project efficiency, reduce project costs and effectively promote the high-quality transformation and development of the Comprehensive Bonded Area. The innovation center of WuXi Biologics, with a planned total investment of about 1 billion yuan, is dedicated to biomedical R&D, biomedical scientific and technological innovation achievement transformation and technological exchange. At the same time, the innovation center will set up a biomedical industry investment fund to promote innovative enterprise incubation and innovative talent training. According to Chen Zhisheng, CEO of WuXi Biologics, after the projects are completed, WuXi Biologics will develop a full industry chain base from the ADC drug R&D and production integrated public platform to biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship incubator in Wuxi National High-tech District. And Wuxi National High-tech District will become the strategic core of WuXi Biologics.


In recent years, Wuxi National High-tech District has closely followed the national strategies, accelerated the development of biomedical industry clusters, vigorously built a biomedical innovation ecosystem and developed three distinctive industries, namely the innovative drugs and preparations, medical devices and diagnostic reagents and smart medical treatment and health services. At present, there are more than 150 biomedical enterprises in the whole district, including a group of leading companies in the biomedical industry such as AstraZeneca, WuXi AppTec, WuXi Biologics and Jemincare.


In order to further develop the biomedical industry, Wuxi National High-tech District issued a three-year action plan for the high-quality development of the biomedical industry in September, 2020 to optimize the structure of the biomedical industry, enhance the innovation capabilities of enterprises, build a sound industry development ecology and build good business environment and service brands. It will strive to introduce 300 biomedical companies within three years, promote the biomedical industry scale in the whole district to exceed 100 billion yuan and rank among the top ten national biomedical industrial parks.


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