2020 Wuxi · Famous Brand One Belt One Road Digital Expo Opens
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On November 16, the 2020 Wuxi · Famous Brand One Belt One Road Digital Expo & the Auto Parts Session of National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base in Huishan District, Wuxi City opened. Zhou Changqing, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, delivered an online speech on the spot. The China Chamber of Commerce and Technology in Mexico and the Brazil Federation of Business Enterprises attended the Expo overseas online.


The Expo was a concrete measure to overcome the challenge brought by COVID-19 and further promote China to deepen the economic and trade cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road". The 15-day Expo would focus on Chinese enterprises and products and demands of buyers from Latin America, Middle East & Africa and Middle East & Europe and provide online exchange and precise connection services through the “Digital Trade Max” platform, so as to help enterprises gain business opportunities for cooperation and develop the international markets efficiently.


Through the “Digital Trade Max” platform, 126 well-known auto parts companies participated in the exhibition on the same day, of which more than 30 were from Wuxi. Auto parts and components, electronic systems, decoration and modification supplies, repair and maintenance supplies, tires and wheels, equipment and tools and other auto products were exhibited. More than 2,000 professional buyers from Latin America and Middle East & Africa visited and exchanged with the auto parts companies online. They realized online trade without leaving home and expanded a future cooperation market.


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