56 Enterprises Shortlisted as Leading Enterprises of Key Industrial Clusters
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A few days ago, Wuxi selected 56 leading enterprises from 16 key industrial clusters in the advanced manufacturing industry. The 16 key industrial clusters represented the direction of industrial development in Wuxi. The leading enterprises focus more on the new generation of information technology and the advanced manufacturing industry. According to an official from the Division of Enterprise of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, among the shortlisted companies, 5 were IoT companies and 4 were IC companies. In addition, Envision, Longshine Technology, SK Hynix, Heilan Group, AstraZeneca and other well-known companies were shortlisted.

Selecting leading enterprises aims to grasp the distribution of leading enterprises of key industrial clusters and provide better services for leading enterprises. According to relevant officials, leading enterprises with certain scale are eager for well-matched resources and industrial integration with higher level, state-level technological collaboration and international cooperation project rather than policy preference or financial support. Therefore, enterprises need policies and services suited to their own conditions.


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