Distribution of Charity Supply in Wuxi
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On January 13, the Wuxi Charity Federation held a 2021 Spring Festival distribution ceremony of charity supplies in cash and kind themed on "Offering Warmth and Love" in Wuxi Museum. Consolation money of 15 million yuan and related donations will be distributed to the people in need. Mr. Huang Qin, Mr. Du Xiaogang, Mr. Wu Fengfeng and Ms. Liu Ling, leading officials of Wuxi, Zhou Jieqing, President of the Wuxi Charity Federation, and Zhu Minyang, Executive Vice President of the Wuxi Charity Federation, attended the ceremony. Zhou Changqing, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, presided over the ceremony.


Before the Spring Festival, the Wuxi Charity Federation will intensively distribute charity supplies in cash and kind to more than 100 extremely poor families with serious disease, more than 1,000 extremely poor families with illness, more than 10,000 families receiving subsistence allowance and extremely poor households and working employees who are suffering from illness in the urban areas in Wuxi.


In 2020, the Wuxi Charity Federation raised charity fund of 47.7488 million yuan and paid relief fund of 34.952 million yuan in helping the poor, the disabled, the aged and those who were not affordable for medical treatment and education fees, benefiting 100,000 people. In 2021, the Wuxi Charity Federation will further deepen the cooperation with caring companies, further develop online fundraising, actively advocate the social atmosphere of mutual help and goodness and build a good environment of national charity.


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