New Record of “Made in Wuxi”
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On January 5, good news came from Beijing: the single Micro LED panel with the world's largest application area developed and manufactured by Wuxi Lijing Microelectronics was put into service at the Command and Dispatch Center of China Energy Investment Corporation (as shown in the picture).


This ultra-large Micro LED panel was applied in the project of information-based system synergistically scheduling production and operation of China Energy Investment Corporation (also known as the cornerstone project). On the first floor, there is a P0.9 Micro LED panel in the hall, with an area of 215.865 square meters (with width of 49.2 meters and height of 4.3875 meters). On the second floor, there are two P0.7 Micro LED panels in the conference rooms on the east and west sides, each with an area of 5.67 square meters (with width of 4.2 meters and height of 1.35 meters). With a total area of 227 square meters, the project is the single Micro LED panel with the largest application area in the world currently.


On March 26, 2020, Wuxi Lijing Microelectronics was founded in Liangxi District to build the world’s first industrial base for mass production of Micro LED panel products producing the smallest chips with the mass transfer technology. The company officially went into operation on October 29. Subsequently, Wuxi Lijing Microelectronics received its first big order - the ultra-large Micro LED panel of the Command and Dispatch Center of China Energy Investment Corporation. The company has overcome many difficulties from trial production to mass production and efficient improvement of the yield rate. It only took 2 months to produce and install the ultra-large Micro LED panel.


Micro LED technology, namely LED miniaturization and matrix technology, refers to integrating high-density and micro-sized LED arrays on a chip. As a new generation of display technology, it has higher brightness, higher dynamic range and wider color gamut than the existing OLED technology. At the same time, it can achieve faster update speed, wider viewing angle, lower power consumption and longer life. In terms of commercial large screens and ultra-large screens with a diagonal length of more than 100 inches, Wuxi Lijing Microelectronics’s Micro LED panel technology can take the lead among other competitors in the world. What’s more, Wuxi Lijing Microelectronics is the first company with the technology to achieve mass production. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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