Foreign Investment Fund of Over 100 Million US Dollars Settled in WND
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A few days ago, an online signing ceremony of Venturous Group, a foreign investment fund of over 100 million US dollars was held in Wuxi National Hi-Tech District (WND) with participation of three parties in Wuxi, Hong Kong and Singapore. Venturousgroup mainly invests in smart city technologies, credit innovation industries and potential unicorn companies related to city technology and new infrastructure with strong competitiveness. Jiang Min, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Wuxi National Hi-tech District and Secretary of CPC Wuxi New District Committee, attended the signing ceremony.


Venturous Group is a strategic investment institution founded by Tan Bingzhong, a senior investor from Hong Kong. Venturous Group, with rich investment experience and mature mode of operation, is one of the first round of investors of Alibaba, as well as an early investor of AsiaInfo, WuXi AppTec and iSoftStone. Strongly supported by relevant municipal and district departments, Wuxi Venturous Group Equity Partnership Investment Company (Limited Partner) completed all examination and approval procedures within 10 working days and was officially set up on December 2, 2020. It is the first foreign-invested limited joint company in Wuxi. The capital of the joint company mainly comes from the overseas funds of Venturous Group, with the first-phase capital of 100 million US dollars. The new fund integrating smart city, new infrastructure and credit innovation mainly invests in smart city, including city technology, real estate technology, energy technology, financial technology, industrial IoT, AI, big data and IoV.


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