Comprehensive Credit Indexes of Prefecture-level Cities in China Released: Wuxi Achieves Good Results
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It was learned from the Wuxi Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on February 21 that a few days ago, the National Center for Public Credit Information released the 2020 Urban Credit Monitoring Report, in which Wuxi ranked the second among 261 prefecture-level cities. The "Credit Wuxi" achieved good results again.


The national urban credit monitoring report collects and shares credit situations of cities mainly by collecting and monitoring the public credit information of more than 10,000 websites such as the national credit information sharing platform and Sesame Credit. The assessment on the comprehensive index specifically includes honesty incentive, dishonesty governance, credit system and infrastructure, credit service and credit innovation. As the first city in Jiangsu Province to issue the regulations on public credit information and the first city to implement credit legislation, Wuxi ranked in the forefront in the numbers of credit system construction, government affairs service application credit reporting and credit classification supervision in Jiangsu Province and China. Among them, the proportion of items having practiced credit commitments of urban government affairs service halls reached 100% of the amount of items which could be promised according to law, 60.35% higher than the average level of all prefecture-level cities.  


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