70 Heart-warming Stations Open in Downtown
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The picture, taken at noon on February 18, shows sanitation workers having a rest and eating lunch in the heart-warming station set up in Peace Cinema, Shenglimen. It was learned from the office for guiding cultural and ethical progress of Liangxi District that 70 heart-warming stations were officially set up in stores along the streets in downtown in Wuxi to provide rest places for sanitation workers, delivery men and volunteers who stuck to outdoor posts.


The 70 stations are distributed in cinemas, shopping malls, 24/7 convenience stores, banking outlets, postal service halls, private hospitals, pharmacies and other crowded areas on Zhongshan Road, Renmin Road, Xianqian Street and others in the downtown. Outdoor workers and volunteers can get first-aid medicines and enjoy services such as free blood pressure measuring in the stations.


The office for guiding cultural and ethical progress of Liangxi District has set up more than 300 volunteer service stations under Leifeng Spirit in various mass gathering places such as the administrative service center of Liangxi District, libraries, cultural centers and 156 communities. By providing the Wuxi Manual on Social Civility for Citizens, these volunteer service stations and the heart-warming stations will become sites to publicize the construction of a city with high social civility level. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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