Professional Property Management Company Introduced into Lianghu Nanyuan Community
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Lianghu Nanyuan Community, located in Rongxiang Sub-district, is the first resettlement housing pilot project of living-friendly residential area transformation in Wuxi in 2020. Recently, the community introduced Wuxi Yiting Property SGT Co., Ltd. to provide property management services for the community. As a result, Lianghu Nanyuan Community will comprehensively improve the overall appearance of the community and promote the long-term management and quality of living-friendly community by introducing the professional property management company.


Lianghu Nanyuan Community, developed and built by Binhu District City Investment Development Co., Ltd. in 2006, is composed of 18 multi-storey and small high-rise buildings with an overall floorage of 206,000 square meters and 1,876 households. The community was put into service many years ago. As a result, the community has been in bad repair with many problems such as chaotic environment and poor appearance. Many residents hoped to transform the community. Therefore, the transformation of the living-friendly residential area in Lianghu Nanyuan Community was included in the "Practical Projects of Benefiting People in 2020" of Binhu District. It was also the first pilot project of transforming resettlement houses into living-friendly residential areas in Wuxi. Launched in July, 2020, the transformation project had 10 basic projects such as house maintenance, wall renovation and municipal pipe network renovation. In addition, the promotional projects of the transformation project such as landscape renovation, auxiliary facility improvement and leisure venue construction were praised by residents. In 2021, Lianghu Nanyuan Community plans to declare for the residential community with outstanding urban property management in Wuxi.  


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