The First Large-scale Job Fair Offline in Wuxi after the Spring Festival
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On February 20, the first large-scale comprehensive job fair in Wuxi after the Spring Festival was held in Xinxin Human Resources Market in Wuxi National Hi-Tech District, at which 50 companies provided nearly 2,000 posts. It was worth noting that the salaries were obviously improved. The highest monthly salary provided at the job fair reached over 20,000 yuan. And the average monthly salary was 5,179 yuan, increasing by 15% than that in the same period in 2019.


The job fair attracted more than 500 job-seekers. Over 80% reached initial employment intention. At the same time, 62 companies organized an online job fair, receiving over 1,000 electronic resumes. It was learned from the job fair offline that the emerging industry was developing rapidly, with large labor demand and considerable salaries. Young people would like to apply for posts of the emerging industry because of the flexible work pattern. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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