Mute Swans Linger in Wuxi
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The picture taken on February 17 shows a beautiful mute swan in the pond in the western section of Meiliang Road in Mashan Sub-district. Mute swan, the most graceful swan, is known as the "king of swimming birds". There are less than 3,000 mute swans in China, especially valuable and rare in Eastern China. Usually, mute swans fly from Siberia to the south to live through the winter at the end of October every year and return back in February in the next year. Last month, three mute swans appeared near Nianhua Bay in Lingshan Scenic Spot, which attracted a group of birdwatchers. Surprisingly, they lingered in Wuxi for nearly a month, attracting many citizens during the Spring Festival holiday. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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