High-end Projects of Service Industry Flooded into Wuxi
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Since the beginning of 2021, a number of high-end projects in the service industry such as the foreign investment fund of Venturous Group Limited, the global leading professional service organization PWC (Price Wterhouse Coopers) and the LG Chem China Technology Center Project with a total investment of about 30 million US dollars settled in Wuxi. Recently, it was learned from the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce that from January to April, the actual paid-in foreign capital in the service industry reached 650 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 136.3%, accounting for 65.66% of the foreign capital in the whole city. The service industry is becoming a new growth area in attracting investment in Wuxi.


As a strategic investment institution, Venturous Group Limited has abundant experience in fundraising, investment, corporate operation and management consulting. According to Tan Bingzhong, Founding Partner and President of Venturous Group Limited, while actively investing high-quality scientific and technological innovation enterprises, Venturous Group Limited will accurately integrate with the enterprises invested and resources in the industry with its own advantages, and recommend more high-growth enterprises to settle in Wuxi.


According to statistics, among the 88 newly-built foreign investment projects in the whole city this year, 71 are service industry projects, accounting for 80%. Producer services such as scientific research, technical services, financial investment and modern business impressed investors a lot.


According to the person in charge of the Foreign Investment Department of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the producer services are key industries of top priority in industry competition and building an international supply chain system. The projects of producer services can improve the structure of Wuxi's paid-in foreign capital and accelerate the building of an ecosystem of key industries.


The service industry projects can not only improve the industrial structure and benefit the development of the manufacturing industry in Wuxi, but also better meet the needs of consumption upgrading of our people and increase the quality and variety of life services.


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