Splendid Activities for the Mid-Autumn Festival
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Last weekend, scenic spots in Wuxi unveiled elaborately-prepared programs for tourists during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was notable that Turtle-head Peninsula Scenic Spot would hold three riverside concerts & firework shows during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


According to the Management Office of Turtle-head Peninsula Scenic Spot, the three riverside concerts & firework shows will be held on September 19, September 21 and September 24. In addition, activities such as the Goddess Chang E's fly to the moon and guessing riddles will be held during the night tour.


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wuxi Mey Blossom Garden still focus on flowers. By then, a large-scale greenish lily flower exhibition in Eastern China, with more than 200,000 flowers in over 30 rare varieties, will be held. It is expected that tourists can appreciate blooming greenish lily flowers during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Huishan Ancient Town will focus on cultural tourism. By following well-arranged tourist routes, Wuxi citizens and foreign tourists can appreciate the charm of the ancient town through famous poems. In addition, children can learn to make clay figurines. In Sunac, all entertainment facilities in Water World, Snow World, Sea World and Sunac Land will be open at night to meet the demands of tourists in food and amusement.


Citizens who would like to enjoy a leisure holiday with fewer tourists can visit the intersection of Yinxiu Road and Lixi Road in Binhu District, Shangxian River Wetland in Wuxi Economic Development Zone, the west side south of Dong’an Road in Xidong New Town, Xidong Phoenix Mountain Ecological Park and Xixi Avenue. They are great leisure destinations with green grasses and beautiful flowers.


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