Work Permit for Foreigners in China
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Basic conditions of employer

1.Established in accordance with the law, without a record of serious violations of law and breach of trust; the positions employed by foreigners should be those with special needs and temporary shortage of suitable candidates in China, which do not violate the relevant regulations of the state; the wages of the foreigners employed shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standards.

Where laws and regulations require prior examination and approval by the competent authorities, approval shall be obtained.

Basic conditions of the applicant

1.The applicant shall reach the age of 18 years, be in good health, have no criminal record, have a definite employer in China, and have the necessary professional skills or appropriate knowledge level to engage in the work.

2.The work shall be in line with the needs of China's economic and social development and in urgent need of scarce professionals in China.

3.If laws and regulations provide otherwise for foreigners to work in China, such provisions shall prevail.

Foreign high-end talents (Category A)

Foreign high-end talents refer to those who meet the needs of China's economic and social development, such as scientists, leading talents in science and technology, international entrepreneurs, special talents and those who meet the standards of foreign high-end talents. Foreign high-end talents are not subject to age, academic qualifications and work experience.

Foreign professionals (Category B)

Foreign professional talents refer to those who meet the requirements of the job guidance catalogue and post requirements of foreigners coming to China and are in urgent need of economic and social development, with bachelor degree or above and 2 years of relevant work experience or above, the age of which is not more than 60 years old; for those who are really needed, meet the requirements of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, professional and skilled talents, outstanding foreign graduates, those who meet the standards for foreign professionals with point integral, and those who implement intergovernmental agreements or agreements, the restrictions on age, education or work experience may be appropriately relaxed. Where the state has provisions for specialized personnel and government project personnel, such provisions shall prevail.

Other foreign personnel (Category C)

Other foreign personnel refer to other foreign personnel who meet the needs of the domestic labor market and conform to national policies.



Application form for foreigner's work permit in China

Certificate of working qualifications

Highest degree (academic) certificate or related approval document, vocational qualification certificate

Certificate of no criminal record

Certificate of physical examination


Legal Basis

Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China

Article 41 Foreigners who work in China shall obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations. No entities or individuals shall employ foreigners who have no work permits or work-type residence permits. The administrative measures for foreigners working in China shall be stipulated by the State Council.

Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners

Article 7 To apply for the R visa, the applicant shall meet the qualifications and requirements set by the competent authorities of the Chinese government for inviting persons of high talent or urgently needed specialists, and the applicant shall, in accordance with relevant provisions, submit the relevant certification documents; to apply for the Z visa, the applicant shall, in accordance with relevant provisions, submit the work permit and other certification documents.

Article 16 To apply for a residence permit for work, the applicant shall submit such certification documents as a work permit; in the case of a person of high talent who is needed or, a specialist who is urgently needed, by the State, the applicant shall submit relevant certification documents in accordance with relevant provisions.


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