Introduction of Wuxi
City Construction
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In 2014, according to the overall deployment of sparing no effort to implement 8 engineering and accelerating constructing Four-type Wuxi of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, the urban construction system of the whole city tightly focused on the principal line of stabilizing growth, promoting development and benefiting the people and overcame the difficulties to ensure that urban construction work of the whole city can be propelled on schedule and as planned and that city image, function and ecological environmental quality can be promoted obviously.

The city infrastructure construction was implemented comprehensively. The subway construction planning was promoted rapidly. Elevated railway stations of the Wuxi Metro Line 1 and major structures of the underground stations were all completed and shield-structured construction in the whole line was opened up. Civil engineering of the Wuxi Metro Line 2 had been started completely and the elevated section would be finished within 2012; major structure and shield-structured construction of underground stations were propelled as planned. The city key road and bridge engineering was propelled orderly. Roads including extension of Renmin Road East, Dayao Road, southern extension of Yuanxi Road, Linghu Avenue (Yunhe Road West – Gaolang Road) were built up and open to traffic in succession; construction of roads including Yanghu Road, Liulv Road, West Loop Line, Beizhong Road and Guanghui Road were accelerated implementation. Within 2012, the total distance of road construction in urban area reached 146 kilometers; 92-kilometer urban road was built; and the per-capita road area was 24.4 square meters, ranking in the 2nd place in Jiangsu. Traffic key engineering was propelled steadily. National and provincial main line projects including 104 National Highway had been finished basically; constructions of projects including the 3rd-level channel improvement of Wuxi-Jiangyin Canal, Jiangyin Avenue and Haigang Avenue were started comprehensively; main work of the Wuxi section of Nanjing – Hangzhou Railway was completed; and the 2nd-phase extension project of Sunan (Shuofang) International Airport was constructed comprehensively. Social undertaking projects were accelerated promotion. 3 projects under construction including the 2nd-phase terminal of Sunan (Shuofang) Internation Airport, Taihu Hotel and the environmental monitoring center were advanced orderly. The nightscape lighting renovation engineering of Taihu Avenue and Tongjiang Avenue, the lighting projects of the Wuxi Exit and the Wuxi East Exit of Shanghai – Nanjing Highway had been completed; about 71-hectare urban green land engineering was launched to construct; and the canal landscape engineering of the section from Liangxi Bridge to Ronghu Bridge was accelerated implementation.
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