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The Second Spring
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The Second Spring is divided into three pools. The water in the upper pool is the best. People all fetch water here. The stone railing had been stepped down about 10 centimeters by people. The middle pool is square. It is only 3 chi (a unit of length, =1/3 meter) away from the upper pool. An Erquan Pavilion is built on these two pools with a stone tablet in it reading “the Second Spring in China” written by Zhao Mengfu, a famous calligraphy in Yuan Dynasty. The lower rectangular pool is the biggest of the three. It was excavated in Mingdao Period of the Northern Song Dynasty. A stone dragon head was engraved on the pool wall by master Yang Liliang in the first year of Hongzhi Period of Ming Dynasty. There are several stones from Taihu in the pool called the stone of Kuanyin (a Bodhisattva). On the north pool wall there also caved the title “the Second Spring in China”, but this one was written by Wang Shu in Yongzheng Period of Qing Dynasty.

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