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Located in the northern area of Wuxi’s integrated transport hub, Wuxi Coach Station is a topping bus terminal in China based on its outstanding facilities and services. Occupying an area of 64,900 square meters with a total building area of 124,000 square meters, the 3-floor station provided extensive passenger routes to 21 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The daily number of dispatched coaches surpasses 1,900 with a daily passenger capacity of 35,000 people and over 90,000 people in peak days. 
Wuxi Coach Station is committed to providing convenient services for passengers. Thanks to the design of “coming downstairs and going upstairs”, the traffic streams, passenger flows and goods flows have been kept in order. Additionally, the modern transport concept of “no transfer” was also adopted, which has contributed to the construction of Wuxi’s modern transport hub by integrating railway, inter-city railway, subway and bus. Due to its significant transport capacity and convenient services, Wuxi Coach Station has been the passenger distribution center of Wuxi.

Currently, there are 10 bus routes in Wuxi Coach Station, including 6 inner routes and 4 passing routes. In order to further improve the bus facilities in the northern square of Wuxi Railway Station, 40 bus routes have been opened or adjusted after a full investigation and demonstration of traffic and public security departments, including 9 routes on the eastern roundabout, 8 routes on the western roundabout, 11 inner routes and 12 passing routes. Owing to this, Wuxi Central Station has basically connected with all regions, groups, tourist sites and Taihu New City with one-transfer by bus.



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