Introduction of Wuxi
Social Undertakings
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Human Resources and Social Security

The human resources and social security system in Wuxi has implemented decisions and deployments of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and the Wuxi Municipal People's Government. Progresses have been achieved in all kinds of work. Wuxi was rated as National Advanced City in Entrepreneurship by the State Council. The Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security was awarded as National Advanced Working Unit in Employment and National Advanced Group in Rural Endowment Insurance Work, and achieved titles including Jiangsu Advanced Unit in Placement of Demobilized Army Officers, Advanced Unit in Labor Security Inspection Ability Construction & Gridding and Networking Management Work, Advanced Unit in Informatization Construction, Provincial Level Demonstration Site in Administration by Law and Advanced Unit in Performance Appraisal of Organs and Public Institutions.

Spiritual Civilization

Wuxi’s spiritual civilization construction work has tightly concentrated on the center of the work of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, taken promoting socialism core value system construction as the fundamental, vigorously promoted construction work of civilized city and mass spiritual civilization, actively promoted juveniles' ideological and moral construction, deepened and expanded voluntary services, improved citizens' moral quality and social civilization level, strengthened actual effects in spiritual civilization construction, provided a powerful mental strength for sound and fast economic and social development in the whole city, and created a good social environment.

Science, Culture and Health

On science and technology, the whole city's science and technology work has centered on the construction of a Four-type Wuxi and Three Areas and Three Centers, vigorously carried out Eight Projects, attached great importance to promoting industrial upgrade and city transformation, deeply implemented innovation-driven strategy, powerfully propelled scientific and technological innovation projects, initially replied to the severe tests caused by relatively tight macro situation, and provided strong science and technology support for the whole development situation in Wuxi.

On culture, the whole city's culture system has emphasized on meeting spiritual cultural needs of the masses, stuck to simultaneous development of cultural undertakings and culture industry, and achieved new progresses in the culture construction in Wuxi.

On health, the whole city's health work has paid much attention to the health of the people's livelihood, strengthened base level, transformed mechanisms, accelerated reforms, optimized services, and ensured a sustained sound development of health undertakings.

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