Wuxi Opera
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Wuxi Opera (also called Xiwen Opera), has a history of over 100 yeas. Originated from the area of Wuxi and Changzhou, is quite famous in the Southern part of Jiangsu and Yangtze River Delta. The traditional programs are: Tryst in Nunnery, Turning Mill Stone, Pearl Tower and Couple Pearls Phoenix.

Brief Introduction of Pearl Tower

Once up on a time, the family members surnamed Fang were officials from generation to generation. Unfortunately, due to calumny, the whole family was exiled to a distant place. Fang Qin, one of the family members went to Xiangyang where his aunt Fang Duohua lived to seek help. However, his aunt was so snobbish that she refused to give a hand to Fang Qin. She even taunted her nephew that if he could become a high-ranking official one day, she would greet him with an incense burner on her head. On hearing the words, Fang was too angry to stay in Xiang Yang. Chen Cui’e, Daughter of Fang Duohua , gave Fang a pearl tower which was headed down from her ancestors in secret. Chen Depei, father of Chen Cui’e, caught up with Fang in Jiu Songting, and betrothed his daughter to him. Unluckily, the pearl tower was robbed on Huangzhou Road. At the news, Chen Cui’e fell ill. Her father made a fake letter of Fang to comfort his daughter, and it did work. Three years later, Fang won the first place in the national examination and was appointed to be a high ranking official taking charge of seven provinces. He went back to Xiangyang in disguise to see whether his aunt had been repented her words or not. However, she had not regret at all and had no other choice but greet her nephew with an incense burner on her head when she found out the official in front of her was Fang Qin. Fang finally forgave his aunt and they lived happily ever after. The opera warned the masses to show love to others.  


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